AeroSplit Opening System
AeroSplit Opening System

AeroSplit Opening System

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  • Door bi-folds up
  • 125° folding door opening operation, ensuring the second half of the door folds extremely flat
  • Anti-pinch central hinge for safe functioning
  • No stabilisation bar required
  • Perfect pause in every position
  • SlowMotion damping technology for controlled and silent closing
  • See chart to choose the correct solution for your door size and weight
  • Weight capacity: 6.8 - 8.1kg
  • Note 1: Kit includes: Symmetrical and dampened mechanisms (2 Pcs) Dampers for mechanisms (2 Pcs) Brackets for mechanisms (2 Pcs) Central hinges (2 Pcs) Ø6 x 12mm screws (14 Pcs) Ø4 x 35mm screws (12 Pcs) Covers: right and left (2 Pcs) Note: 110° hinge not included

Product Variations

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Item No.Unit of MeasureWeight capacityMin. Order QtyQtyPriceStockClick for info
606.8L09.510.060Kit6.8 - 8.1kg1N/ABack Order
606.8L09.520.060Kit8.2 - 10.0kg1N/ABack Order
606.8L09.610.072Kit6.6 - 8.7kg1N/ABack Order
606.8L09.620.072Kit8.8 - 11.0kg1N/ABack Order
606.8L09.630.072Kit11.1 - 13.3kg1N/ABack Order
606.8L09.730.080Kit10.1 - 12.5kg1N/ABack Order
606.8L09.740.080Kit12.6 - 13.5kg1N/ABack Order
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