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The Titus Group develops, manufactures and markets innovative precision components solutions that improve competitiveness of its customers in various industries.

Our Offering

Through innovative product design, high-volume manufacturing expertise and efficient service, business partners are enabled to improve their productivity and quality as well as reduce costs of assembly, manufacturing and other processes.

The majority of the Titus Group of companies’ turnover comes from its core activity in furniture connectors, concealed hinges and furniture damping. The precision engineering competence gained in the field of furniture hardware has been applied to other areas: multi-purpose damping technology, automated assembly systems, tooling and ultrasound fastening technology in various industries; including furniture, home appliances, automotive, medical devices and hardware.

With over 600 employees worldwide and markets in over 70 countries, The Titus Group, under the umbrella of Titus International Ltd., is based in the UK and comprises 14 companies originating from Titus International in England and Lama d.d. Dekani in Slovenia.

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