Square Handles 305
Square Handles 305
Square Handles 305

Square Handles 305

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      Item No.Unit of MeasureFinishHeight (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Centre length (mm)Min. Order QtyQtyPriceStockClick for info
      SO-305-128-BNEachBrushed Nickel25121451281$ 8.87N/AIn stock
      SO-305-128-MCEachMatt Chrome25121451281$ 8.55N/ALimited stock
      SO-305-160-BNEachBrushed Nickel25121771601$ 10.52N/AIn stock
      SO-305-160-MCEachMatt Chrome25121771601$ 10.17N/ALimited stock
      SO-305-224-BNEachBrushed Nickel27122412241$ 13.45N/AIn stock
      SO-305-224-MCEachMatt Chrome27122412241$ 12.88N/ALimited stock
      SO-305-320-BNEachBrushed Nickel27123373201$ 20.04N/AIn stock
      SO-305-320-MCEachMatt Chrome27123373201$ 19.19N/ALimited stock
      SO-305-128-ACEachAntique Copper25121451281$ 8.55N/AIn stock
      SO-305-128-AIEachAntique Iron25121451281$ 9.37N/AIn stock
      SO-305-160-ACEachAntique Copper25121771601$ 10.10N/AIn stock
      SO-305-160-AIEachAntique Iron25121771601$ 11.16N/AIn stock
      SO-305-224-ACEachAntique Copper27122412241$ 12.88N/AIn stock
      SO-305-224-AIEachAntique Iron27122412241$ 14.27N/AIn stock
      SO-305-320-ACEachAntique Copper27123373201$ 19.25N/AIn stock
      SO-305-320-AIEachAntique Iron27123373201$ 21.22N/AIn stock
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