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System 5 - Twin Start Conventional Dowels
Zinc, Zinc / Steel

SYSTEM 5 - Twin Start Conventional Dowels

  • Available in a variety of thread and drive recess combinations to suit mostbpanel to panel applications
  • Klix locking feature provides a strong vibration proof joint
  • Twinstart thread results in reduced insertions times

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Code Colour Unit
009607-885 Zinc Single - (Drilling length 9mm)
009605-885 Zinc Single - (Drilling length 12mm)
009443-885 Zinc / Steel Single - (Drilling length 12mm)
005746-885 Zinc Single - (Drilling length 8mm)
    A B D1 D2
Code Material Drilling Distance Drilling Lengths for Dowel Thread Drilling Diameter for Dowel Body Drilling Diameter for Dowel Thread
009607-885 Zinc 24mm 9mm 6-7mm 5mm
009605-885 Zinc 24mm 12mm 7-8mm 5mm
009443-885 Zinc/Steel 24mm 12mm 7-8mm 5mm
005746-885 Zinc 24mm 8mm 7-8mm 6mm