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WIFI Controller

 The WIFI Controller features an inbuilt remote light control which can be used to connect the Muilt Colour (RG) Flexible Ribbon light to WIFI.

It can be operated with almost every devide with wifi connectivity such as iphones, ipads, ipods and tablets etc

  • Colour - White
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Available in 20 different modes including a brightness & dimming function
  • Recommended for Decorative lighting applications

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Code Finish Unit
WIFI-CCU White WIFI Controller Unit

RF Touch Remote

2.4 GHz

Working voltage

12V / 24V

Receiving range

20 meters

Dimension of Control Box

90mm x 65mm x 16mm

Dimension of Remote

113mm x 56mm x 20mm

Lighting Compatibility

Multi Colour (RGB) Flexible Ribbon

Q. What is Milight?

Milight is a free App which can be downloaded to your android or apple device for wireless lighting control via Google Play Store or Apple Store

 Q. Will the remote remember what colour setting I was on?

Yes. Whether you turn the LED lights off at the remote or through a wall switch, the controller will remember the exact colour changing level you had on previously.

 Q. How many settings does the controller provide?

Available in 20 different modes, the remote also has the option to change the brightness/dimming of the selected color as well as the speed intensity.