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Door Sensor

Sensor features a super slim appearance and is triggered by opening or closing a door.

  • Colour - White
  • Surface Mount Installation
  • Open and close the door to activate and deactivate
  • Compatible with Imperia downlight, 3528 & 3014 strip light options

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Code Colour Unit
SS-D-S White Single Sensor
SS-D-D White Double Sensor



Detection area

Approx 100mm


DC 12V or DC 24V Constant Voltage


DC 12V or DC 24V

Loading Power

24W or 48W




Single and Double sensors available

 * Triggered by a Door Opening/Closing. When the door is not in the detecting range the sensor will activate the light. When the door is in the detecting range the sensor will deactivate the light.

PRODUCT CAPACITY (Maximum amount of Strip Light/Downlight that can be run per sensor)
12V Imperia Downlights 4 x downlights (including 2m tail leading to transformer)
12V 3528 Standard strip light 4.0 meters (including 2m tail leading to transformer)
12V 5050 Extra bright strip light  1.5 meters (including 2m tail leading to transformer 
24V 3014 Continuous strip light 2.0 meters (including 2m tail leading to transformer


Download & Print

Motion Sensor Box Contents

  • Motion Sensor Switch with Controller Box
  • 4 way Junction Box
  • 2m Cable leading from Sensor switch to controller box
  • 2m Input/Output Cable leading from Controller to Junction boxes


Instruction Guide

Step 1.

  • The Controller Box marked "Door Controller Sensor Switch" has two wires labelled - Input & Output 
  • Output wire is connected to the 4-way Junction box
  • Input wire is to be connected to any of the outlets in the 6 way Junction Box leading to the Transformer

Step 2. 

  • The LED Strip Light or Downlight cable is to be connected to any of the outlets on the 4-way Junction Box

Step 3. 

  • Plug into power source to activate LED Light & Sensor Switch


Note: For Door Sensor Switch mounting see diagram below