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LED Dimmer

A wireless intuitive touch remote control that enables you to control the brightness and intensity of the LED light.

It also provides an On/Off switch option for the LED lights. Dimmer includes Remote, Control Box & mounting bracket for the wall. 

  • Colour - White
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • On/Off switch function
  • Dimmer control includes - controller, remote/batteries & mounting bracket for remote
  • Compatible with Imperia downlight, 3528 3014 & 5050 strip light options

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Code Colour Unit
LED-DIM White Dimmer Unit


Plug and Play

RF Touch Remote

2.4 GHz

Working Voltage

12V / 24V

Receiving Range

30 metres

Dimension of Control Box

85mm x 45mm x 22mm

Dimension of Remote

114mm x 56mm x 20mm

Lighting Compatibility

Imperia downlight, 3528, 3014 & 5050 strip light options

PRODUCT CAPACITY (Maximum amount of Strip Light/Downlight that can be run per sensor)
12V Imperia Downlights 6 x Downlights (incl 2m tail leading to TF) 
12V 3528 Standard strip light 10 meters (incl 2m tail leading to TF)
12V 5050 Extra Bright strip light 4.0m Max (incl 2m tail leading to TF)
12V 3014 Continuous strip light 5.0m Max (incl 2m tail leading to TF)

Q. Will the remote remember what dimming level I was on?

Yes. Whether you turn the LED lights off at the remote or through a wall switch, the controller will remember the exact dimming level you had on previously

Q. Do I need a line of site to change the dimming settings of my LED lights from the remote and control box?

No, RF (Radio Frequency) does not require line of site. You can use this through walls and over 20 meters with no obstacles

 Q. Can I have more than two remotes in one area?

Yes, one remote can be paired to more than one Dimmer control unit



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Dimmer Box Contents

  • Dimmer Control Unit connected to 6-Way Junction Box
  • Dimmer Remote (includes AAA Batteries)
  • Mounting Bracket for Remote control
  • LED DImmer Unit & Remote are supplied Pre-Paired

Dimmer Remote - Use/Function of Keys

Key 1. On

Key 2. Off

Key 3. Highest Brightness

Key 4. Medium Brightness

Key 5. Lowest Brightness

Colour Ring. Used to change the brightness from highest to lowest


Pairing Method for Additional Remotes

Step 1.   Ensure Transformer is plugged in & Power is ON

Step 2. Connect the DC power cord to the Dimmer Control Box then, press Key 3 once within 3 seconds

  • The light will blink 3 times if matching is successful
  • Repeat above steps for more than one remote pairing


Clearing Method

Step 1. Ensure the Transformer is plugged in & Power is ON

Step 2. Connect the DC power cord to the Dimmer Control Box then, press Key 3 five times within 3 seconds

  • The light will blink 6 times if clearing is successful



Replacing Remote Batteries

Please ensure the colour ring is not being touched when loading batteries. It is recommended to use the remote controller within 3 seconds after batteries have been loaded