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Mitrebond Adhesive

Mitrebond is a quick and strong system for joining cornice, pelmet and plinth. It can be applied to MDF, Timber, Glass, Ceramics, Aluminium, Chipboard, Perspex, Steel, Porcelain & some plastics.

  • Hard tight within 10 seconds
  • Functional strength is achieved within minutes
  • Full strength in 12 hours, after which full mechanical and chemical resistance is acheived. 
  • Temperature resistance: -60' to + 80'C
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resists all household cleaners
  • Shelf life up to 12 months, if stored in normal conditions
  • Store in a cool place

MitreBond contains cyanoacrylate. Will bond skin and eyes in seconds. In case of contact with eyes or internal organs consult a doctor. Ensure adequate ventilation when using this product.

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MBM Mitrebond Mitrebond Kit